July 02, 2012

A Few Pics From The Past Months

My locs continue to progress beautifully and they are growing, growing, growing.  I absolutely love them and I have not regretted beginning this journey one day. This transition has been a spiritual one for me and it has been instrumental in connecting me with a part of my inner being that I had not experienced prior to loc'ing. By the way, a lot of my ends still are not loc'd but I am okay with it.  I am at peace with my hair and I'm going to let it do what it does naturally. I am considering adding a bit more color or highlights.  I haven't decided yet.  I am always concerned about damaging my hair.  My reti's are every six weeks.  I can't go any longer that that with the growth rate. My last reti was this past Saturday  and the back of my hair is just past my shoulders.  I am so glad that I  have taken lots of pics chronicling my journey. At times it has been hard to see the progress but it's very encouraging to look at the pics and see that there is actual progress.  I encourage those who are starting the journey to take lots of pics.  They are a great encouragement as you progress on your journey. I've met so many loc'd sisters who tell me how much they like my locs.  I love the sisterhood and unity we share.  One thing I have found is that several who have much longer locs (five years loc'd  and above) say  that I should appreciate this (short hair) stage  because  once they get longer I won't be able to do as much (styling)  with them. I'v e been told that they won't hold curls any longer than a day and you will primarily wear it straight, in a ponytail or pulled up.  I think that I will enjoy my locs at whatever stage /length they are.  What are your thoughts on this?  These photos were taken over the past few months are not in chronological order but they will give you an idea of where I am now and how I've been styling them.  Thanks for stopping by and  enjoy your journey. Finally, please pray for Colorado and all our residents who have been and continue to be affected by  the wildfires that we have burning all over our beautiful state. Blessing!!!

Me and "My Girl"
Miss "You Need To Update Your Blog"
Love You Alex 


  1. Thank you for the update and the great pictures. It is clear that you are loving your locs.

  2. I have always followed your blog and I am amazed at your growth. Seeing your transformation makes me think about locking my hair. It was great seeing your update, I hope that it does not take you as long to post next time.

  3. Oh, so you really went there didn't you. LOL - hopefully it won't take me as long to update in the future. Thanks for following and keep me posted on your thoughts about locking. Blessings!

  4. Hey Mile High! Thanks for dropping by my site, as well as for the encouraging words, as of this past Thursday I have started taking down my locks, which is no easy task but all I have is time, I could not get that nagging it's time for change feeling out of my head & with every lock removed it feels like a weight is being taking away! Once again thanks & your locks are beautiful, & I hope you enjoy your journey as much as I enjoyed mine

  5. you are invited to follow my blog

  6. very beautiful! what's your update now? I'm excited to know! please share:) xo




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